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A massive THANK YOU to City Harvest who continue to provide food for us in Victoria - what we don't use on our Soup Run and Outreach gets distributed via Mike's mini-food bank and food parcels to those in need in the area.

A large delivery of frozen fruit was turned into healthy smoothies for the Soup Run last week - alongside hot pies, jacket potatoes, fresh vegetable soup, macaroni cheese and an amazing selection of individual desserts from an upmarket deli! The warmer weather means greater demand for clean clothing, socks, baby wipes and toiletries - several people sat on Westminster Cathedral steps to remove their footwear, wash their feet and put on new socks ... such a small thing, that means so much. We've been in communication with an older, homeless gentleman, via social media for several months now, he has a serious medical condition (our "expert" has seen the photos and insisted on urgent treatment - he has visited a doctor but so far this isn't working 😢) and needed certain items, this week, for the first time we finally met... It was lovely to be able to say hello and have a hug!! We are continuing to speak to him on a daily basis...

Homelessness in the area continues to increase, so we are responding to daily emergency call-outs - handing out essential items and signposting to other agencies... as well as spending time with some lonely, vulnerable people - Mike (as ever) is going above and beyond, he really is a star, and is forming invaluable friendships, providing a non-judmental ear and support - even taking previously housebound people on outings ... We bloody love him ❤❤

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