A chance meeting between Darren, Liz Shaw and a homeless ex-serviceman in London in early 2015 served as the catalyst for founding One Big Family – Helping the Homeless. 

A firm friendship developed during subsequent visits to see the gentleman, and he was instrumental in guiding the charity in its early days.  His suggestions about what items are most requested by those who are homeless led to our developing 'essential kits' to distribute to those in need, initially in London.

Long-term fans of the group Embrace, Darren and Liz approached the band to use the title of one of their early songs as the charity’s name. 

Since this time, One Big Family – Helping the Homeless has continued to evolve, responding to a growing need for our services, developing in our approach and also expanding the areas we cover.  Our approach is well respected, as we aim to develop meaningful relationships with the people we work with, as well as close relationships with other groups/agencies, strong connections to our local communities, and a dedicated team of volunteers and people supporting our work.


We attained charitable status in December 2016. We also have a dedicated team serving Huddersfield/Halifax in Yorkshire.

one big family helping the homeless Medway
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