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Our Huddersfield services  

In Yorkshire we offer outreach services to rough sleepers and some vulnerably housed people. Our volunteers are out on the streets at night offering hot and cold drinks, food, snacks,  clothing, underwear, hygiene items and sleeping bags to those in need. Most importantly we offer a hug and a good old chat.


Although we work predominantly in Huddersfield we respond to call outs in any area of Kirklees and sometimes Calderdale (actually truth be told we will go anywhere if someone is in need).


We attend vital appointments with our service users whether it be for benefits, housing, addiction help.  This support can be essential, as having a representative with them can give the confidence to face the issues that could help them on to a better future.

We are members of the Huddersfield Homelessness Forum and also a part of the Kirklees Homeless Strategy working together with many other registered agencies to help the homeless and those in need.


As a charity our work is non judgemental, we work with people who perhaps have mental health issues, drug and drink addiction plus those who have none of these issues but find themselves without a place to call home. When we meet these people the journey they have been on will most likely have been a harsh one and they are not ready to be helped onto the next step. When they are ready for that help, we can signpost them to the services they need and support them on the next part of their journey.


We also support them if they finally reach that point, offering home starter packs with the basics they might need to spend their first nights under a roof, plus furniture where we  can assist.  Of course we are still a phone call away if they need us.


​We have recently partnered with Sainsburys in Huddersfield who have offered support in store with collections and their staff using their volunteer time to assist us on our outreach.  We are looking forward to working with them in the future.

TES MacDonald in Holywell Green have also and continue to be a wonderful support partner for us here in Yorkshire.



Our latest Partners are the wonderful HIRSCHE Foundation. Please click on the link below for more infomation.    


Our Huddersfield Team

For more information please contact Jayne:

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