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& Values

Image by Ian Schneider


We believe in the importance of:

  1. Honesty, love, relationships, and connection – just like the best families!

  2. Striving for equity, justice, and better lives for those who have the least.

  3. Partnership and collaboration to achieve systemic and fundamental social change.

  4. Coproducing everything and the sharing of power with people and communities.

  5. Hope for a better future for all regardless of your life journey so far.

  6. Diverse and empowered communities that celebrate our differences and honour our journey.

Principles underpinning all of our work:

We commit to:

  1. Being Trauma Informed in how we work, thereby enabling us to offer support to those most in need and with the highest level of psychological and emotional safety for all those involved.

  2. Being strengths based in our approach thereby supporting people to lead the lives of their choosing and to hold onto their own personal dreams.

  3. Being antiracist in all that we do by assertively challenges racism in all its forms both within our services and within the wider community.

  4. Being inclusive of all voices through coproducing all that we do with people who have lived (or living) experience of services, seeking to share power and listen actively.

  5. Being gender informed and to recognise that there are both similarities and differences in the experience of women and men in how they access and use services.

  6. Being person centred and employing the Core Conditions of Empathy, Congruence and Unconditional Positive Regard (UPR).

  7. Being LGBTQ+ and GSRD (Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversity) inclusive and to assertively challenge discrimination within our services and the wider community.

  8. Being Relationships Focused and consistently reflecting on the value that positive, trusting and truthful relationship have on a person’s journey of recovery.

  9. Being collaborative and seeking to work in partnership across the wider system using systems leadership approaches to developing robust interagency relationships. 

  10. Being reflective and seeking to build on our teams and organisations strengths through acknowledging and learning from our mistakes.

  11. Being outward focused and continuously drawing in new insights, expertise and knowledge from local, national and international sources that can constantly improve and develop what we do.

  12. Being generous with our time and learning through sharing our insights, learning knowledge and experience in local and national peer learning spaces.

  13. Being celebratory of the achievements of One Big Family, its volunteers, paid staff, Trustees and most importantly of the people.

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