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London Soup Run

Through Twitter a homeless guy reached out for help - sleeping in his car in Central London, desperate for bedding and supplies - Mike (and his faithful trolley) rushed to the rescue ❤ The benefit of Social Media!

One of our younger homeless guys has reappeared - we hadn't seen him since before Xmas.. Unfortunately he has been in hospital, he has a very serious illness, and needs urgent accommodation 😢

It's been another busy week, delivering food parcels to both the homeless and those in need - the fresh food we get from City Harvest and non-perishable donations make a real difference. Plus supplying bedding and clothing to those whose belongings got wet in the bad weather.

Due to ill health I had to leave the Wednesday Soup Run early - but we had 2 new volunteers (hello Charlie and Sarah), plus lovely Jacqui and Dorothy - so the homeless (and Mike !) were in safe hands! Once again, thank youPaula for making soup and to those who donated food At the first stop, it was quieter than usual - one of our regulars said some of the European guys had "disappeared", and some of the homeless had been taken into a squat at nearby Grosvenor Gardens (an eyewatering £25million property!) but there was still a steady stream of people & our new volunteers got stuck straight in - making hot drinks and chatting to people - another of our regulars, a gentleman in a wheelchair, who can sometimes be a bit cantankerous was THRILLED to see new volunteers - and thoroughly enjoyed a good flirt (and being pushed to our second stop by a glamorous young lady!) After helping to distribute clothing & toiletries - including to a couple of new ladies, who were very grateful to receive toiletries and essentials, I left the team to it...

In the next couple of weeks we will be working out a schedule for London - to include Kings Cross & Charing Cross on a more regular basis.... its only because of our wonderful team of volunteers and your generosity that we can do this, so thank you X

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