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The Medway Soup Kitchen

Medway Soup Kitchen The lovely Bee Bee Bianca was back volunteering - wearing her hard earned, much deserved London Marathon medal (thank you to all who supported her) We were also joined by the Dogs on the Streets (DOTs) team - who provide veterinary care, health checks and advise for dogs/owners who are homeless or in hostels - they had a busy night! The weather had taken a turn for the worse AGAIN - cold, damp plus an amber weather warning for torrential rain and high winds - but still we had close to 100 visitors - who enjoyed a selection of fresh, hot, homecooked food, cakes, fruit and hot/cold drinks... as we approach May we are usually handing out t-shirts and shorts - but on Sunday it was hats, gloves, and waterproofs !! The Great British weather at it's seasonal worst! ☔☔🌧🌧 It was hard not to smile (and shed a tear) at the kindness 2 of our visitors showed to a homeless gentleman who was under the weather and struggling - they asked for clean warm clothing for him, then very gently helped him into his new clothes, got him a coffee & food and made sure he was safe - people who themselves have next to nothing, going out of their way to help someone else....

As always, thank you to our volunteers - what an amazing team!

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