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A team of ten volunteers came together on Sunday April 8 to feed Medway’s homeless.

Helpers from One Big Family – a charity operating in Medway, London and Hull set up a gazebo in a car park located next to Chatham Bus Station and served hot meals to the homeless.

Despite the name of the event, soup wasn’t the only dish on the menu as volunteers prepared an array of warming meals including Meatballs in Arrabbiata sauce and Thai Green Curry in their own kitchens for those in need.

Around 70 people attended the soup kitchen, some without homes, others vulnerable and on the breadline.

For some volunteers, it isn’t just about offering a helping hand as some have been in a similar situation before and have used the soup kitchen in the past.

This event is not just about providing a hot meal to those in need, but also a chance to provide to support as well as handing out donated clothes and toiletries.

Lucy Davis, a nurse based in Ashford, Kent joined One Big Family 18-months-ago after stumbling across the charity’s Facebook page

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