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Medway Soup Kitchen

Sunday was once again a cold damp day... but we are very lucky to have volunteers who show up in all weather's with a smile ! Thank you to the ladies who cooked for the amazing feast they provided -( Cadi, Paula & Marian) - mince and veg, chicken korma, soup, sausage rolls, pasta bake. . Plus cakes and a huge box of fruit that was donated from the Gateway in Brompton 😀 Organising the Soup Kitchen is like a small military operation - packing clothing, toiletries, essentials, collecting/heating/cooking/wrapping food, filling 4x 5litre flasks, remembering tea/coffee and serving items - loading cars etc.. but it's all worthwhile when we receive the welcome we received on Sunday 😊 A young man called Owen donated a rucksack full of essential camping and outdoor items - we added army ration packs to it and on Sunday handed it to one of our exmilitary homeless friends - who was thrilled! He is a very private gentleman who keeps himself to himself, but over the months has developed a lovely friendship with Darren. One of our regular visitors who is vulnerably housed has been given an evicting notice - we have offered to support him, but on Sunday a hug and an ear were more needed than advice. A homeless couple who have been joining us for the last 3 weeks - always very polite, but very reserved, felt comfortable enough this week to approach one of our volunteers for housing advise - we were able to hand over leaflets, phone numbers and information for other agencies. As usual the dogs were well looked after - given their own food parcels and taken for walks while their owners ate. I feel uncomfortable saying it was a "successful" night - in 2017 it is sad that this service is needed , but those who joined us left with full bellies, essential items and smiles

Joining us this week was Medway playwright Paul Bridger who is writing a play about homelessness, which will be performed in Camden in August. .. The link below in the comments, is his account of his experience on Sunday night . .. Please read

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