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Maidstone Outreach

Maidstone ... Saturday 4th March We are hoping to link with other people in the Maidstone area to make this a regular outreach..

Blog from Darren ... Saturday night Chrissy Eve and myself set of for an evening of outreach in Maidstone. We had hot drinks, sandwiches, snacks, clothing underwear and toiletries. Everyone we saw was quite shocked that there was now outreach in their area on a Saturday night. Once again everyone was very grateful for the help and items they received. One young lady we sat with told us a heartbreaking story and how little help she had got with her awful situation. She also told us about how she gets called so many names by the passing public on a regular basis. This includes drunken men offering her money for sex. We sat with her for a while and promised that we will return regularly to check on her. Liz made up some ladies bags. These included toiletries, sanitary items, fluffy socks and other items. These were very well received. One lady we met had a very injured ankle. We did our best with it and advised her that she should attend A&E. fingers crossed she is now feeling better. We met a man who has sat in the same spot every time I've seen him. We have him supplies food and hot drinks. We saw around a dozen people and we will be returning regularly very soon.

Thank you for all the donations and our brilliant volunteers

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