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It's been a really busy week in Victoria - lots of emergency calls from people who are newly homeless or have lost belongings, and a seemingly greater than ever demand for food parcels.

We were delighted to be joined by Lucy at last week's Soup Kitchen - she is a qualified healthcare professional and we needed her expertise and guidance ... Earlier in the day we had a food disaster and it looked like we wouldn't have enough to eat - but the amazing guys at City Harvest truly saved the day with a fab donation of "artisan" sandwiches and wonderful individual desserts and cakes! We have a lovely volunteer called Aaron, a talented artist/photographer (and exhomeless) who spent the evening taking photos for a "proposal pitch".. (permission was asked before taking pictures ) - one of our regular gentleman took Aaron to where he sleeps - a series of suitcases bound together with his "bed" in the middle -a pile of newspapers. Even being forced to live as he does, does not dampen his spirits - he is one of the most ''smiley" people we've ever met, and always greets us with a hug. At our second stop Lucy's skills were called upon - though not allowed to treat anyone on the streets she was able to give valuable advice and signposting - feet ailments, skin problems and wounds were looked at For the 3rd week running there were more people and among them, new faces... The warmer weather meant there was more call for baby wipes /toiletries and clean clothing - we try to make sure everyone gets something - but occasionally we have to say "no" - sometimes that doesn't go down too well - but we don't take it personally. As we moved on we saw more people - a couple of guys who had been in a hostel are now back on the streets (and very pleased to see us) , another of our regulars has purchased a blow-up bed to help to cure his back pain... everyone loved the luxury cakes we had with us! Our night ended in Grovesnor Gardens - where several people were sleeping on doorsteps - those who were awake were grateful to receive food and essentials,,and we left "essential kits" with those who slept.

Once again it was a very busy evening - we saw over 60 people ... Please read Lucy's account of her first night ... and share

Lucy's Blog... Last night I went out with the volunteers of One Big Family to give out food and clothes to the homeless in London. Luckily the weather was warm . The was food enough for all. I met an array of different people all of which seems grateful for what we could give them . All were individual but seemed so up beat. Will I be going again definitely. Thank you to everyone who made it possible and see you again soon .

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