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Medway Soup Kitchen

Medway. .. Soup Kitchen and more (Late blog....sorry ) Firstly, we are incredibly grateful to all in Medway who support us, thank you.

Cheers to Claire, Kelly, & Paula for cooking - lasagne, chicken jambalaya, pasta bake were some of the things on offer.... The clocks going forward caused some confusion... things were quieter at 6.30pm than usual, it was a lovely evening, and for the first time we were in daylight!! But having less people meant we could spend more time chatting. .. A new gentleman joined us..He seemed very unsure, so one of our volunteers gently guided him to the food, got him a coffee and made him a food parcel to take away At 7pm more people started to arrive ..confused because they thought they were early! As usual the clothing & toiletries were in high demand - we make sure no one takes more than they need, so everyone can get something - but it was tshirts rather than warm clothing! At 7.30pm the next group of confused people arrived...There wasn't much food left, but they were good natured and stayed around for a chat for an hour, with lots of cups of coffee and biscuits Our volunteers do an amazing job in making people feel welcome, and ensuring people get what they need... and we are very grateful to each of them I apologise that this is a short blog, but it's been a busy week...

The last couple of weeks have been spent trying to house a couple of people, we have accompanied them to lots of meetings - they needed ID, medical letters, various appointments with various agencies (the way the homeless are spoken to at some places is a disgrace - I will be following it up) - BUT....They now have a roof over their head!! We have (and will continue to) supported them in their new place - food parcels and essentials - because of the housing benefit caps, rent needs to be topped up out of benefits - but they are now safe, dry, and warm. Big thanks to the lovely staff at MRS lettings for all their help

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