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Huddersfield 16/5/17

Huddersfield Outreach Well the heavens opened last night as Robin, Natalie and I set out on our outreach. It was unusually quiet and we had trouble finding some of the people we usually see but with some persistence we came across a few familiar faces. When the rain is falling, keeping sleeping bags and the few possessions they have dry is very important so we handed one chap a new rucksack. He was also in need of underwear and trousers and as we carry these items with us we sorted him there and then. He was eager to talk about how he was feeling about his situation and how lost he felt. Robin is going to assist him in registering with specialist doctor and hopefully getting him back into the ‘system’. This will hopefully mean he will get the help he so desperately needs. It has taken this chap a while to trust us and I am glad he now feels we can help him. So we moved on and gave hot drinks, snacks, socks and any other items required out to the handful of other people we saw. We need so desperately men’s jeans/joggers in smaller sizes (i.e. 30/32) so if anyone can help please get in touch. Stay Safe, Jayne x 

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