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Maidstone 25/5/17

A View from a first time volunteer (and friend) Mish.... ❤❤ Maidstone 20th May 2017. Hi, so myself and my partner have been quietly supporting obf for quite a while now but we thought that it was time to try to be a bit more hands on so we joined Darren and the team last Saturday for outreach in Maidstone. I must admit I was anxious a fair bit but that soon subsided when I met all of the lovely people involved that night. It was a bit thin on the ground that night but we still visited a fair few on our rounds, it was sad, I knew it would be. We also came across a lady who was in great distress obviously suffering from poor mental health, I dont think she was homeless but she was still in need none the less, we reassured her and gave her supportive hugs and took the necessary safeguarding measures, it was very upsetting as mh is something close to my heart also. The overall mood of our walk around maidstone town was lighthearted for most of it. I was pushing a rather temporamental trolly which infact felt like it was steering me! 😊😊 we handed out sandwiches, hot drinks, crisps, bananas and other bits n bobs, socks pants, female hygiene ect all of these things are in constant need so donations ae always welcomed and appreciated. We will be going out again and look forward to supporting obf in a more physical way. 😊 

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