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London July 12th

London.. A 66 year old man, newly homeless for the first time.. desperate for work/help An elderly lady hidden in a park with no blanket/sleeping bag A young man with serious mental health issues A man in his 30s with sepsis - one toe recently amputated but infection spreading An older gentleman with severe collitis and kidney problems A man in his 40s, dying of cancer but refusing to go in a hostel because he's frightened A man with a walking frame sleeping on the floor - surrounded by other people's rubbish. This is a small section section of the people we meet on a regular basis - each has a story, each is just a human being. These are the people your donations help. ❤❤ We don't just feed people. We are incredibly grateful to nurse Lucy Davis for joining us in London on a regular basis .. plus she is always at the end of the phone even when shes not with us on outreach., and our new, beautiful, volunteers Serica & Grace. 😊😊

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