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Need undies . Yorkshire

Today Justine & I have had a meeting that left us bowled over and lost for words. We were contacted by Andrew & Elaine Needham from They had been looking for worthwhile and trustworthy cause to help and asked if they could speak to us about the possibility of offering us their returns and surplus underwear. We met with these lovely people today who sat and listened to us promote our charity and work that we feel so passionate about. They then gave us an amazing offer of taking this underwear and distributing it to our homeless friends. We weren't prepared for what they had to offer us and were overwhelmed by this. As a charity we literally spend hundreds of pounds a month on underwear and this eases the burden and the money we save can be spent on other essential items. We rely on this type of kindness. We are happy to say we came away with not just 2 boxes of underwear but two new friends and supporters of the charity. Anything that is surplus (which will not be much) will go to shelters or hostels that we support. Kindness breeds kindness. Please check out their website, perhaps a few of you could support them suppporting us. Jayne

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