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Yorkshire outreach

Outreach - Monday We never know what is in store on outreach. The last few weeks have been relatively quiet. Last night we went out with a well stocked trolley. Pot Noodles, hot and cold drinks, treats, underwear, deodorant and of course our friendly chat was on offer last night. These items are always gratefully received. We dont just give and walk away. If anyone wants to talk we sit and talk. They either want to talk about trivia or sometimes they bare their soul. We listen. We came across a lady who we have met several times before who is vulnerably housed. She has no gas or hot water. As an addict she struggles to run her day to day life. She has wounds from injecting which the hospital are treating but she wanted to talk last night. Our volunteers spent the best part of 30 minutes with her, without judging. We left her with new joggers (that she can get over her bandaged legs), new tops and hygeine items. No, she is not homeless but we had the items available and we could help, so we did. She was tearful because we had actually stopped and listened. #helpingothers #onebigfamily #neverjudge

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