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London In The Wet

Everyone was cold and damp - not exactly what you'd expect in August! Young H was with us - last week we helped him to secure stab...le accommodation with EMMAUS - which also means he now has a job, but he is determined to continue being our "bike-rider" on a Wednesday! 😀😀 His experience of being street homeless, then in a temporary hostel make him a real asset - and he signposted 2 other people to Emmaus - we are taking the referral forms to them ASAP! Toward the end of the night a very smartly dressed man approached us, he held his hand out and said " you don't remember me do you?" His face was familiar... it turned out that this gentleman had been one of our regulars last year, he always used to be the first person to help us set up, always polite...he now looks very different - in the last year he has entered a recovery program, got housed and got a job... but felt he needed to come back to see us to say thank you! There were lots of hugs.. even the rain couldn't stop us smiling!

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