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NCS Team 10 Medway

National Citizen Service in Medway

It has been a privilege for One Big Family to be involved with Medway Youth Trust and the National Citizen Service this summer. Two groups of young people have chosen to work with OBF, raising awareness and funds for our work. Most recently, NCS Team 10 took part in our Backpack Initiative, raising money to fill backpacks with essential items that we could give out to homeless people and those in need in Medway. They also raised money to s...upport our weekly soup kitchen and approached local schools encouraging them to become involved in supporting OBF through an ongoing backpack initiative. They worked really hard to raise funds, completing a sponsored walk, holding a cake bake as well as a fun day and quiz night. Many of OBF’s volunteers went along to the quiz night and had a great time.

On the 6th of September, Cadi, one of our trustees went along to the NCS Graduation event at Central Theatre - she said "What a great celebration! 11 groups of inspiring youngsters shared about what involvement in NCS had meant to them, and gained rightful recognition for their huge achievements. It was humbling hearing NCS Team 10 talking about why they had chosen to support OBF and all the hard work they had put in. I hope they know their support, as well as the backpacks full of goodies and the cheque they handed over on the night (£370.29) means a great deal to OBF and the people we work with. It truly is going to a great cause." We wish NCS Team 10 all the best for what I’m sure will be bright futures indeed. A huge thank you and congratulations on your graduation: Ben, Beverly, Chelsea, Chloe, Connor, Eloise, Emily, Kayleigh, Kennedy, Ramo, Rohan, Ronnie, Rowan, Sophie B and Sophie

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