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Soup To Soup

Soup to Soup 50km 28/10/17 - Round-Up

After 15hours, 53km, a lot of blisters, some fantastic live footage (apologies for the colourful language!!), lots of laughter, a few tears... THEY DID IT! We are very proud of our "Walkers" ... and VERY grateful to the lovely Davey Mac (who walked all the way from Portsmouth, with a ridiculously heavy rucksack - and they say women can't pack light!!) who lead the team. Thanks to all who met them at the Finish Line, especially Vince Maple , who gave a genuinely warm speech and presented the "athletes" with medals (albeit plastic ones!) .... They raised (and this deserves a dramatic drum roll)..... over £6000 !!! Wow wow wow ❤❤❤

We have decided to do it again next year... so get training !

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