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It was a Pot Noodle kind of night last night. We wouldn’t always eat this as a food of choice but for the people we see it’s something warm. We are always on the look out for Pot Noodle bargains!!

Socks, boxer shorts and wipes are the most requested item we hand out along with a nice brew and a smile!

We saw many people last night, not in their usual spots as they are currently being issued warnings for sitting in the street or begging which can lead to fines. This is done to try to get the Homeless to engage with the help that is available. Some are just not ready for that help.

I will not lie, some are handed money from the public and they take it, it’s a fact but desperation and addiction just don’t just go away. As I’ve also said before some are given accommodation and struggle with the isolation. It’s just not as easy as we all think it should be.

Whatever the decision they make we won’t judge and will try to support as best we can.

We can only do this because you support us and we take that support and run with it. Thank you!

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