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One Big Family

Who are we & What do we do???? One Big Family was founded nearly 3 years ago by Darren & Liz Shaw, and is run ENTIRELY by a hugely dedicated group of volunteers... without whom our work would not be possible.

Based in Medway, we not only help the homeless, we also help those in hostels/vulnerable accommodation, and anyone in financial hardship... In Medway we hold a weekly Soup Kitchen on a Sunday - where we provide hot food, clothing, toiletries, and signpost to other agencies (whom we work with very closely) & give advise on a whole range of issues - we then follow up on these things during the week - accompanying people to housing/doctors/mental health appointments etc.. Some of these things can seem pretty scary without a friendly face. We are joined by 'Dogs on the Streets' once a month to give veterinary care/grooming / training to dogs. We pride ourselves on having an incredible team, who always show kindness and compassion. We provide Home Starter Kits to newly housed people - bedding/towels/crockery etc - and try to continue to support them while they adjust to their new housing We provide food parcels to people in need, including families/people with benefit sanctions This year we are running the Homeless Emergency Winter Refuge in Chatham - to provide Shelter to Rough Sleepers any night the temperature drops to zero or below. We also do weekly homeless outreach in Maidstone.

We also have a team in Victoria, London - who do a weekly Soup Kitchen, plus street outreach for the homeless. They also hold a weekly "Food Distribution" stall on Ebury Estate.. and regularly support vulnerable people with food parcels and a chat...

Most recently we set up another branch in West Yorkshire....

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you can help us, or we can help you... We are eternally grateful to those who support us ❤❤

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