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Shoe box appeal

The OBF Shoebox for a Stranger appeal starts here. Last year the response was overwhelming and boxes were distributed far and wide. Not only to the street homeless but to refuges, hostels etc.

The idea is that you fill a box with necessary items and some treats. Now it doesn’t have to be a shoebox, it isn’t always practical to hand someone on the street a shoebox so you can go either way, a shoebox or a rucksack.

We can provide a small rucksack as we have been fortunate enough to come by a supply. In this case, bundle up the items and we can bag them. The choice is yours.

Fact - unfortunately there are more men that women on the streets so if you are going to do this as a group please bear this in mind.

Please label the gift Male or Female and sizing (small, medium etc). This way it will help in distributing the boxes leading up to and nearer Christmas, it will make a huge difference to a stranger who is desperately in need.

I am happy to collect locally, otherwise just shout and we will sort something

Necessary will be:

Underpants/knickers Socks Baby wipes Deodorant or Soap Toothbrush Toothpaste Chocolate (long sell by date) Hand warmer Sanitary Towels (if ladies) Talcum Powder Seasonal Card, note or even a short letter. Colouring book, puzzle book and pens.

Other items:

Treat type snacks Emergency Silver Foil Sleep Bag Gloves Hat Novel Rain Poncho Torch Mini Sewing Kit High Energy Snacks (long sell by date) Seasonal novelty

No alcohol based products (mouthwash, hand sanitiser) or razors

Also please feel free to share this..... A LOT!

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