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Yorkshire Outreach

I don’t need to tell anybody how cold it was last night. Our volunteer Natalie had two hats on and she was right to do so!

So we went to do our normal outreach last night plus an extra call out. Hot drinks, pot Noodles, snacks, warm clothing etc are taken with us as a matter of course.

Our primary aim last night was to get to people and try get them a bed forthe night. If they didn’t want that we made them as comfortable as possible.

Two of our regular chaps plus a dog were already getting their bed in a doorway prepared. After a chat with the lads we made a call and an hour later we drove them to a warm bed and a welcoming smile at Clare House.

The system put in place by Kirklees Council worked last night, services working together. This is why street outreach is important, we talk to people at street level.

Natalie, Louis and Oscar carried on looking for anyone needing help. Justine and I packed the lads up to take them to their beds.

Thank you for supporting us, the above shows how outreach Work reaches those who really need it.

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