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It's not all outreach

Today I haven’t unfortunately been on street.

As a registered charity we do have another job to do. A financial one. This means keeping accounts, track of physical donations, future expected expenditure and looking after the money that has been donated. We even have to ‘value’ volunteers time!!This is not a simple job. I have spent a good 6 hours today getting all our paperwork together for our end of year and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s not just me doing this paperwork, all our trustees are putting ‘paperwork’ hours in, not that we begrudge it but I’m sure we would rather be doing what we do best, helping people.

It’s been a fantastically successful year in terms of the things that have been achieved both north and south. The support we have gained is invaluable.

So we now have to write a report on our charity for the year that has gone by. I’m sure it will make good reading.

So that takes us to the year ahead. Hopefully big plans, big fundraising and big rewards for the people we help.

Thank you for your past and your future support.

Stay safe x

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