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Soup Kitchen

Medway Soup Kitchen From our lovely volunteer Nurse Lucy Davis...

So last night I went to help out at the soup kitchen . When I got there everything was setup and the smell of cooked food was lovely there was chicken pie, sweet and sour , stew and other lovely delights. As I walked over to start to help I was greeted with hugs and terms of endearment (very heart warming as I feel it’s a sign of trust) . So I offer to help where I can but my eyes are on the ones we are here to help. I notice new bruises where someone has had a fit and hit the ground. Someone else is looking more breathless than last week , another has his arm in a sling . I take note and try to talk to them to give advice some want it some don’t it’s there choice but I won’t give up on them I will just be patient and persuasive . As we clear up a lady approach’s in thin clothing and upset . She is cold and hungry so she is given some warm food for her and her partner back in her flat. She is upset and says she is broken . She has no money or food and no warm clothes . I take her to the car where she is given a warm coat, hat scarf gloves hand warmers ,a sleeping bag (no money for heating) toiletries , and a couple of books that she said she can get someone to read to her. This lady is truly broken , she told me what she had to do to get money I will leave that to your imagination. She was overwhelmed with what she had been given and instantly asked how she could repay us. We told her use what we have given you and come back with others that need help as well. As I travel home I play the evening over in my head . Just a couple of hours away from my routine to help others . It’s not much but it is so rewarding . I feel so at home with the other volunteers we all seem to just click as slide together like a jigsaw puzzle. Lots of laughing and joking as well as leg pulling it’s lovely. I am inspired and want to move forward what I do. here’s to the year ahead

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