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It's wet in Yorkshire

Wet was the key word last night. Trying to keep the items we take into the street dry. We half succeeded.

We had lots of cookies and pastries from Tesco, courtesy of Fareshare. It was a quieter night than usual and we hoped that some may have found cover for the night.

We gave the usual hot drinks, food, gloves, hats etc to those who we saw and needed items. We also had a couple of conversations about how to start the ball rolling for housing.

Justine has recently been supporting a young lady who has found herself Homeless. Thanks to Justine and the support of Housing Solutions the young lady is moving into temporary accommodation. Yippeee!

We took any leftover goodies down to The Mission Cafe who feed the vulnerable and homeless. There were happy faces at the lovely treats.

We desperately hope the weather doesn’t hit hard tonight, getting wet when you have no means to get dry is no joke.

Thanks for reading and sharing x

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