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Outreach last night was minus myself due to illness.

Justine, Natalie, Lewis and Oscar were on street to offer our help to those in need last night.

We were met with more good news last night that we have seen for a long time has moved into temporary accommodation and is receiving the

support he needs for long term accommodation.

Unfortunately with the good news, came bad and we came across a person newly homeless who was distressed. This person is receiving some support but nevertheless he is at present sleeping on the streets. He was offered a hot drink, snacks and all the other items we carry with us and he was glad of the support and he now has our contact details so if he needs anything, he can get in touch. We also let him know about other services including The Mission Cafe where he can have a hot meal.

Some of the people we see are not homeless but in need for various reasons and sometimes they just need a chat and a treat (a bar of chocolate is absolutely a treat to some people).

Please keep sharing and supporting us. People are becoming more aware of the need to help those who are homeless and we would love a time to come where there is no need for groups like ours!

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