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London Outreach

So some of you may know me or Mike smith, We are a part of One Big Family, We do a food run around Victoria on a Wednesday night. I have recently just come back to helping around Victoria as i became homeless and am just finding my feet. We have recently just got a new contract with a cafeteria in an office in Victoria who kindly donate the food they do not sell, we took the food out with us tonight and the homeless around Victoria were very grateful for it. we also helped a lady who had left her prize possessions in a hostel, which she couldn't find we gave her a few ideas of where the hostel could be, thanks to a description of the surrounding area. also one of regulars has come out of hospital today after having an accident last week, he seems to be recovering well. tomorrow i will be meeting up with a few homeless, to give much needed clothes as we didn't have the space or staff to take them out with us today. another one of our regulars has just been housed by the council and needed bedding and toiletries which we managed to source for her, she was very happy and i would just like to say a big thank you to city harvest, for all you have done for us, the nappies and frozen food has helped a lot of local family's and the toiletries and sandwiches have been a great help for the homeless, i do not know where we would be without your help and another thank you to all the volunteers, who have come out and helped, your efforts have been much appreciated. also we are desperate for volunteers around Victoria, to help on a Wednesday night or even the evening for food preparation and distribution as at the moment there is only two or three of us so if you fancy helping out just contact me or mike smith and we can go from there. thank you for reading and have a great time.

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