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Victoria Outreach

These posts are written by our lovely ex homeless friend Harley ...

VICTORIA so we went out on the Wednesday food run last night and we met up with one of our ex homeless guys called SAM last night, who has got himself back on his feet and came to give us a hand, so just a big thank you to him for that. we also had Harley, dolly, jacki and the nurse Serica, also a big thank you for coming down in such cold weather. last night we brought out men's and women's clothes, toiletries such as, tooth paste, tooth brushes, baby wipes, women's toiletries, ect. we also brought out, sandwiches donated from the canteen in Victoria street and cakes donated from Tesco, so another thank you to them for there help. hopefully next week, from the help of jacki, we should be bringing out some hot spuds and beans, for the homeless so fingers crossed. we will have an update next week, as per usual and hopefully some pictures, so stay tuned thank you for reading.

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