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Well last night was an interesting evening. With only the two of us out last night we had one main target and that was to ask any rough sleepers if they need a bed for the night under SWEP. We still had all our usual items drinks, snacks, pot noodles, underwear but we have to ask the question. We respect their wishes if they do not want the bed, some people just don't feel they need it or are ready to do this for varying reasons. After a few phone calls we dropped a young man at a hostel where he had a warm bed for the the night. It made the whole debacle of an evening worthwhile. We also found ourselves out of town searching for a man who had been seen but not spoken to by another outreach group. He took a bit of finding but we persisted and came across him. Rest assured we spoke to him and he now knows that if he needs help it is available. I would like to say thank you to Lewis who is a volunteer, young and keen who is at university. His help last night was vital particularly with the young man we took to the hostel. Volunteers are simply priceless.

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