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It's Cold In Yorkshire

Last night on street for some reason was a quiet night. We were loaded up with our usual items along with a few extra bits for somebody who had expressed a liking for porridge! Luckily we could provide him with the porridge and he was pleased to say the least. With SWEP still being in force we were asking if anybody would like a bed for the night and all declined. This is not unusual, nights in hostels (believe it or not) can be unsettling. We made arrangements to meet one of the people we help today to accompany him to housing to try and start the ball rolling for him. This is not always easy, homelessness is often a revolving door that people drift in an out of and this can leave quite a housing history behind people. We will of course do what we can. It was very cold last night and I thank our volunteers who are always on street whatever the weather doing what we do. Thanks for reading.

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