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Well we had a full team last night and we needed it. We were busy from the outset. Justine had picked up some treats courtesy of Tesco and these together with a nice brew went down very well along with our own snack packs. We also took clothing out last night, being a full team means more hands to carry the items needed. Leeds University held a fundraising day and with some proceeds are going to buy us a new trolley which will be fabulous!

Two people who we have been seeing for over a year are hopefully going to be in a flat by next week and we are going to be looking for all the essential items they need to make that place a home they want to be in.

On a more serious note, one of the people we saw last night was quite ill. He unfortunately would not accept any medical help. This was frustratingly taken out of our hands by the ambulance service who advised they were busy and wouldn’t come if he wouldn’t be treated. There are, of course, people who need an ambulance in life or death situations so we accept this. We did all we could.

We also took a food parcel to somebody who is struggling in a hostel. Thanks to Feed Bellies not Bins for the food!

Thank you for reading, please share and keep supporting.

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