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London Victoria Outreach and Foodbank

FRIDAY SURPLUS @ ebury So we are doing the Friday surplus today we have just had a delivery from city harvest already have people coming down if you need anything or know anyone who does just pop down or message mike smith and we can see what we can do. We do this every Friday and sometimes during the week so from now on if we are going to have any other days we are open I will do a post just like this one so stay tuned in. Thank you for reading our post.


ICTORIA So today was actually pretty quiet it was just me Mike Sammy and her friend so quick thank you to them for coming and lending a hand so as you can see from the pictures the roof construction is completed and works really well and we can now fit everything into it. Would like to say thank you to Tesco for the cakes and thank you to Edelman canteen for the donated food also thanks to city harvest who have donated food and toiletries to us. I'm thinking of names for the bike any ideas I've come up with the one mobile at the moment but if you think you have a better one would love to hear it also if you want to volunteer with us get in contact would be great if we could get help on a Wednesday night or evening for food prep as we have been so short staffed we have had a much bigger work load on us hence we have to bring out less stuff so please if you aren't doing anything on a Wednesday night and don't mind being outside until 11- 12 pm would be great. Thanks for reading and will catch up next week. Stay warm.

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