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Busy Cold Yorkshire

We don’t post about everything we do, simply because we are busy but we are so grateful for the support we receive. It has been a busy time and we have been worried about the people we see and their wellbeing during the awful cold snap. Luckily all the people who wanted a bed last week were accommodated under the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol. We found them very helpful last week.

So last night we headed out armed with Hot drinks, lovely sausage rolls made by a caterer for a wedding that had to be cancelled, pastries from Tesco, clothing, sleeping bags, socks, under wear, hygiene items….we were well loaded up!

It was a busy night. SWEP was still in place and therefore for us the priority was to get those who wanted another night in the warmth, just that and we did. For both all of the above were still on offer and we were so glad we had taken out plenty clothing as everything we had was taken. Many had wet clothes, sleeping bags so the offer of dry items was appreciated. All the food we took out was eaten and the all the coffee was used.

We met (unfortunately) some new people who we offered some sound advice to and provided essential items to. This support will continue.

On the upside, one man who we have seen for a long time is almost housed and we have been collecting items for him.

Thank you again for donations we have received (without asking!) we are so grateful for your support.

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