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VICTORIA So just an update so we went out on Wednesday night we brought out food, juice and hot drinks just like to say a thank you to the canteen in Victoria for the hot food they provided and thank you to tesco for all the cakes and bread. On Wednesday night I met a few people who needed advice I met a Hungarian man who was in severe pain and didn't speak much English so I found someone who speaks great English as well as Hungarian and got him to explain where the hospital a and e is also helped his friend with a card to get him some work with cue personnel he was very happy, we have also been helping another organisation with food sleeping bags clothes and food who have been doing a lot of homeless help in Mayfair and the west end, I'm going out later today to help someone with some ballistics trousers as he started work a few weeks back but due to being homeless someone stole his work clothes luckily I have had mine spare as I've just started a new job. I am going to do another post next week. Thanks for reading.

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